Fitness & Nutrition Goal Setting and Individualised 6-Week Exercise Programme Design

Cost - £229.00

How it works

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all questions within the PAR-Q or been cleared by your Doctor to undertake exercise, apply by email to see if I have availability. To ensure that I can give a truly personal service, there is a limit to how many clients I will work for at one time. There may be a waiting list for consultation, goal setting and fitness programme design, but fundamental nutrition guidance and actions can be given and commenced almost straight away.

Once accepted, I will send out a fitness, health, lifestyle and nutrition questionnaire for you to complete. I’ll also ask you to complete a 7 day food diary.

When completed and returned, we’ll have a telephone/skype consultation to clarify detail within your questionnaire and discuss goal setting. There need to be short, medium and long-term goals. Taking a long-term perspective and treating exercise and nutrition as lifestyle changes are vitally important to help you meet your goals and keep you fit, healthy and active for life! It is recommended that you take ‘before’ photos, for progress comparison along the way. 


A bespoke, individual fitness plan will be designed in the form of a 6-week progressive exercise programme and, for nutrition, macronutrient and calorie setting, how to ‘track’ your food intake, along with guidance on the food types needed to meet your goals. Your fitness and nutrition programme will be available to view and work through via our smartphone/tablet App or via a web browser. This includes video demonstrations of all exercises. I don’t tend to provide meal plans, unless you specifically wanted me to. I could write you the most nutritious meal plan, which you might follow for a few days but then you might refine it, catering to your own personal tastes and preferences, further individualising it and changing it from the original plan. The best person who knows you is you. I would rather empower you with the right knowledge about nutrition so that choosing the right food for yourself becomes second nature.

Once set up, this 6-week programme is a self-monitored plan. If you would like weekly feedback, including reviews of your form/technique, adherence checks, 6-weekly programme reviews and unlimited text and email support, all to help keep you motivated and on track, you should consider the online personal training packages.

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