Training Post 24 Weeks

How it works

Most Personal Trainers would want to metaphorically kill me for saying this, as it makes business sense for both myself and any other personal trainer to try and retain a client for as long as possible but, being completely honest, by the end of 24 weeks you could have sufficient knowledge to take ownership of your fitness and nutrition going forward.


You will have learned, and been empowered in the 24 weeks, about varying exercise stimuli and the different training systems to have sufficient knowledge to potentially manage your own fitness if you want to. The best person to know your body is you and the best expert of you is you. Having said that, I would of course be happy to keep working with anyone who needs or prefers the structure, guidance and motivation that their personal trainer provides. Please email me with your requirements or, as we'll have built up a relationship long before the end of 24 weeks, discuss this with me as we're nearing the end of your programme.

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