Over 50s - 12-Week Stable Base & Strength Plan

Cost : 12 Weeks of Workouts - £12

As we get older we tend to use our muscles less. Those times in our 20s and 30s, when we used to participate in competitive team sports are, sadly, way behind us. Due to the ageing process and using our muscles less, we lose muscle mass, more and more each decade. It is important to address this, to maintain and rebuild muscle to help us live long, healthy and fully active lives.

I’ve called this the Stable Base & Strength Plan because we need to have strong legs and core muscles to keep us upright, balanced, mobile to be able to undertake all of the physical activities that we want to do throughout our lives.

Imagine the trunk of a tree. A thick, strong trunk is able to easily carry the weight above it and is harder to blow over. This tree is strong and it’s stable. A narrower, thin trunk with weight above it would be less stable and more prone to being blown over.  

Unless you have undertaken strength training all your life, your legs will have lost muscle mass and strength. The common ways we see this during ageing is that it becomes harder to recover from trips (which then become falls), it’s harder to take the stairs and harder to get up from the sofa. If you cannot stand from sitting on your own, you cannot live independently. I definitely don’t want to get to that stage.

The good news is that muscle loss can be stopped and even reversed. Muscle can be maintained and rebuilt, even well into old age. Strong legs and core muscles provide a stable base for you to also work on your upper body. A good level of full body muscle mass will help to keep you healthy, improve posture and mobility as well as make you look fantastic, which will in turn make you feel fantastic.

This 12-week plan, designed for both men and women, has 3 different full-body beginner to intermediate workouts per week. The intensity increases as the weeks progress. The workouts change and more challenging exercises are introduced every 4 weeks. In workouts 5 and 8, some strength cardio style training is introduced which is time based rather than by sets and reps.

The workouts, including exercise video demonstrations, can be followed and completed via our App which is accessible via smartphone or tablet.  The same software is also available via desktop PC, where you can simply print out the workouts if you prefer.

As a reminder, this plan is just £12 for 12 weeks of specially designed, age appropriate exercises. I’ve made this plan at an extremely accessible price because I’ve seen at first hand the benefits of having a more active lifestyle can bring. A few years ago I was overweight, slow and in pain. I’m now the fittest and healthiest that I’ve ever been. I have loads of energy, rarely get ill and even had my first six-pack when I was 53! I really want to help others feel this way too.


So, stop declining, start reviving. Stop dying, start living! Click the link and start the rest of your life today.

Some example exercises from the workout plan can be seen on our channel on YouTube and more challenging exercises, showing what 'us oldies' can achieve, are on our Instagram.

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